Scott Bailey

I'm a staff software engineer who love's the frontend. I'm currently working at CloseFactor, an early stage startup where I'm helping build out the core product. Previously I've worked at Google and Canon USA R&D.

While at Google I worked on frontends you might have used, such as Analytics and AdWords.


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Staff Software Engineer
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Internal Data Analytics Suite

Staff Software Engineer
  • Tech lead & manager of a 4 person team building data analytics frontends
  • Built an application for creating and monitoring ETL data pipelines using a rich graph based editor
    • Product responsible for running over XXX,000 weekly pipelines
    • Increased frontend usage by 55% over a 1 year period
  • Worked cross-site to build a streaming pipeline monitoring UI
  • Created common frontend infrastructure used across Google

Google Analytics

Senior Software Engineer
  • Designed and launched the project to migrate Analytics to Angular
    • Lead team of 4, later coordinating work of 11 engineers at peak of migration
    • Conducted design, security, privacy, and legal reviews
    • Designed process that allowed for seamless, incremental migration
  • Lead a team of 3 to develop a common, accessible, frontend component library
  • Lead a team of 3 to develop Analytics 360 Suite user management features
  • Developed multiple features within the Analytics management UI

AdWords Keyword Tool

Software Engineer
  • Helped develop and release a new version of the Keyword Tool
  • Developed multiple features including user preferences, improved search, and improved table performance
  • Developed suite a webdriver tests for automated frontend testing
  • Member of production on call rotation
  • Prepared training material and taught classes on GWT
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Canon Development Americas

Software Engineer
  • Conducted research and development to create new technologies for future Canon products
  • Helped develop early versions of Canon’s support for Web Services on Devices
  • Developed exploratory software and a smart remote for a potential brand of Canon TVs
  • Traveled to Canon Headquarters in Tokyo to showcase division’s latest work
  • Published 2 patents


University of Southern California
Masters in Business Administration
University of California, Irvine
Bachelors in Computer Science